Web Hosting

Web Hosting solutions from new height IT

 With more and more people and businesses turning to the internet to find information & advertise, communication with customers has never been easier, but posting what you want to share on the “net” can prove more difficult.  We will set you up with a web-site.  For a R150 annual Domain fee + R100 per month, the domain will be registered in your name and remain yours even if you move site.  Included in this fee is 15 free e-mail accounts with a 500meg mail box; 500MB disk space; ability to update the website anywhere in the world.  Globally, your clients & potential clients will be able to do more with less, thus empowering their businesses to reach New Heights. We are also an Internet Service Provider (ISP), we can offer permanent and temporary ADSL capped or uncapped as well as temporary 3G / LTE connections.